Meet Our Team!

Kenneth Walsh

Ken originally traveled to Uganda in 2006 and felt a pull to help the kids. Since then he founded Ryan's Bowl and made annual trips making sure the program ran smoothly with the help of Dorothy. For many years he worked on the charity on his own and with the help of some dedicated close friends. His eyes would always well up with tears at the thought of all the children he cared for and wished a better future for. 


In memory of Ken we continue providing for the children of Uganda. 


Isabella Bujor

Isabella is originally from Romania and her husband Billy from Albania; being able to have the opportunity to come to Canada for a better future and more opportunities they both have always looked at ways to give back to others. You can normally find her & Billy & working at their restaurant called The Lemon Tree. After establishing the restaurant and having a few years under their belt they were ready to take on another dream they have had which was to dive into a charity to help kids in developing nations. When they met with Ken and spoke to him about Ryan's Bowl Isabella knew it was meant to be as their next step!
Now having visited Uganda and meeting everyone she is excited to be able to continue on and develop more sustainable options for these children's future! 

"Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world" H.Z

Michael Carroll

Michael is a Chartered Professional Accountant in his own practice with over 25 years of experience.  He has experience with non-profit organizations and has been a supporter of Ryan’s Food Bowl Program, and Ken’s vision, since 2011.  Although he has never held a position on the Board, Michael has been providing Ken with financial advice for many years and a friendship evolved.  You can usually find Michael hard at work in his office in Chippawa, and if he’s not there, he’s spending time with his family travelling around the globe and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity as well as Developing World Connections


Rhonda Armstrong

Rhonda has been a close friend and neighbor to Ken for many years.
With that she loved what he was doing with Ryan's Bowl and had offered up her services to help in anyway she could.

From organizing board meetings to help with emails and newsletters she always promoted the organization with people she knows and organizations she is apart of!

Dorothy & Anita-

Uganda Support& Local Representatives

Dorothy has been an asset and important part of Ryan's Bowl as she is the day to day local contact. She frequents the schools, checks the state of the children and see's when there is someone who needs us to step in. When we make our annual trip to Uganda we work side by side with Dorothy and Anita working with the schools and locals. As you can see they are proud of what they do & how they can help their communities!